Arintes international

Arintes International

Since 1997, we have been specializing in the supply of office equipment and computer components, importing products from European markets.

Guarantee of reliability and professionalism

We guarantee full compliance with all our obligations, including delivery dates, prices and other arrangements. Our extensive experience in this field, since 1997, allows us to quickly and efficiently fulfill orders. All our business processes have been debugged and optimized over the years, which ensures us reliability in fulfilling our obligations.

Individual approach to each client

Each client, starting to cooperate with us, receives a personal manager who will monitor the execution of orders, advise and provide comprehensive support. This allows us to promptly solve all your questions and ensure maximum satisfaction of your needs.

Transparency and accessibility of information

We guarantee that you will always have access to information about our product and its prices. We strive to ensure maximum transparency in all aspects of our business so that you can make informed decisions.

Arintes International specializes in software development, contract assembly of PCs, servers and other office equipment, and electronics, as well as the production of PCs and servers under its own USN brand.

Contract assembly of PCs, servers and office equipment

We offer services for the contract assembly of PCs, servers and other office equipment in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers. Our specialists can assemble and configure the equipment according to the customer’s specifications. We use only high-quality components and equipment to ensure the stable operation of the systems.

Production of personal computers and servers under the USN brand

We are also manufacturers of PCs and servers under our own USN brand. Our systems are known for their reliability and performance and meet modern standards and safety requirements. We offer a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of both small and large organizations. We provide warranty service and support for our products.

We offer professional software

We cooperate with leading software developers and offer a variety of licensed products, including operating systems, office software, graphic editors, antivirus software, project management solutions and many others. Our experts are ready to help you choose the best software that meets your goals and budget.

Software development

Our software development team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We develop software for various purposes, including office equipment management applications, server solutions, business process optimization programs, and much more. In our developments, the priority is given to reliability, security and performance.

Our company strives for continuous improvement and innovation in the field of office equipment and electronics. We are proud of our high quality standards and customer-oriented approach.
We strive to offer our customers everything they need for their growth. In 2023, we expanded our activities by creating a new branch in the United Arab Emirates.
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